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Calathea Bicajoux

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Calathea BicajouxThose who think that Calathea’s only claim to fame is its attractive, decorative foliage need to think again. Recently the Dutch auctions have been enriched by a range of Calatheas which display both colourful foliage and flowers.  A Calathea which now has twice the appeal has been christened, most appropriately, Bicajoux® a contraction of the words ‘Calathea’ and ‘bijoux’.  The range includes both large and small varieties with names as exotic as ‘Anaconda Green’ (vbn article code 106222), ‘Mamba White’ (106223), ‘Mamba Pink’ (106224), ‘Evy’ (106225) and ‘Cobra Pink’ (106226). 

The plants prefer as haded spot where they will flower for several months and at least 12 weeks.

Their dense foliage and decorative  leaf markings make them attractive  long after the flowers have died off.   Calathea Bicajoux® is generally  supplied in a 17cm pot. The plants  are also available mixed or on mixed  trolleys.

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